We understand maintaining the curbside appeal of your business is important to customer experience. Palm trees are often thought of as low-maintenance additions to your landscaping, but require regular pruning to maintain their beautiful aesthetics. Other benefits of routinely trimming your palm trees include the reduced habitat for rats, squirrels, and other rodents. Learn more information about our palm tree trimming and maintenance services.

Palm Tree Removal & Planting

Have one or more palm trees that have died and need removal? Noticed your palm tree lacking the typical green fronds? Palm trees throughout Houston suffered from the harsh freeze in 2021, with many local palm trees losing their green fronds as they died off. Let us help your business restore the beauty of the palm trees surrounding your location. Learn more information about our palm tree removal and palm tree planting services here.

Trees often experiences broken and hanging limbs after storms or instances of high winds. Our tree limb removal service is perfect to safely remove any broken or hanging limbs from around your business, without causing further damage to the tree or surrounding property. More information on how our tree care services could help maintain a safe canopy over your property.

 High winds, along with the additional weight caused by rain, result in many trees suffering broken branches, limbs, or worse during storms. Our teams have been trained on safely removing fallen or hanging limbs to prevent further property damage. Call us today and find out why we're Houston's top rated storm clean up company. Click here for more information on how we can clean up and while you focus on your business's day-to-day operation with our storm damage cleanup!

Our tree trimming service near Houston should be included in all tree care programs. Tree trimming enhances the structural integrity, health, and beauty of your tree, which could potentially increase your homes property value! To find out how you can benefit from our tree trimming services, please click here for more information.

Applying mulch around the base of trees and throughout landscaping beds is an often overlooked aspect of tree care services. Properly mulched bed provide many benefits for the trees and other plant, helping them not only survive, but to thrive! Find out more about the benefits, along with tips & tricks to help maintain healthy trees throughout your property!

As with any form of life, trees are susceptible to diseases and death. Depending on the extent of the disease, removal of same branches may be sufficient. Other times, a full tree removal service may be the better recommendation to maintain the health and safety of the canopy of treetops overhead. Find out how we can help your business prevent costly repairs with routine tree care and tree removal service.

Lot & Tree Clearing Service

Whether you are looking for selective underbrushing to enhance your business's curbside appeal, or clearing land for your new shop or private pond, our lot & land clearing services can help transform your property! When it comes to specialty needs, its important to choose a service provider with the right tools and expertise to safely turn your vision into reality. Check here for more information on how our selective underbrushing or land clearing tree services could help transform your business or investment property!

Commercial Tree Trimming Service In Houston

Local Commercial Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services

Commercial Tree Services In Houston, TX

Perfectly Trimmed Palms of Houston offers businesses, churches, golf courses, and other organizations throughout Harris, Montgomery, & surrounding counties access to a reliable commercial tree service professional. We take pride in providing local businesses value through helping to maintain the health, beauty, and safety of the trees surrounding their business. Our customers enjoy our hassle-free services for all their tree trimming, tree removal, hedge & shrub pruning, as well as their palm tree trimming needs. 

Commercial Tree Care & Tree Trimming Services

Many businesses and property managers throughout the greater Houston areas trust Perfectly Trimmed Palms for all their tree care needs. The trained specialist of our tree care team understand the requirements and risks to handle every type of tree service job, from routine trimming and preventative maintenance to severe storm cleanup. We are here to help you maintain beauty and safety of the ecosystem around your business!

For more information on how our Tree Care & Tree Trimming Services can help keep your property looking it's best, while maintaining the health and integrity of the trees, please click here.

Top-Rated Commercial Tree Care Service In Houston, TX

Perfectly Trimmed Palms of Houston pride ourselves in helping customers maintain or restore the safety, health, and overall beauty of the trees around their business, parking lot, or investment property. A member of our team will consult with you based on the unique requirements of each tree, ensuring that we can help you maintain your properties curbside appeal while safely removing necessary branches. Be sure to contact us today when looking for any of the services below:

  • Palm Tree Pruning & Maintenance
  • Commercial Tree Trimming & Routine Maintenance
  • Emergency Storm Clean Up & Removal
  • Tree Removal Service
  • Lot/Land Clearing & Selective Underbrushing Service
  • Aquatic Tree Management

As a locally owned and operated professional tree service company, our top priority is always employee safety, mitigating property damage, and helping our customers maintain their property values!

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