Although palm trees are frequently added throughout your landscaping as relatively low-maintenance features, they do require regular pruning to maintain their beautiful aesthetics. Beyond improving their physical appearance, routine trimming and maintenance of palm trees can provide their owners many other benefits. Learn more information about our palm tree trimming and maintenance services.

Routine maintenance provided through our commercial tree trimming service improves the safety, health & integrity, and beauty of the trees on your business's property. Thus driving the curbside appeal of your business, greeting guests with a strong professional appearance long before they step a foot inside! More information regarding our commercial tree trimming services.

Lot/Land Clearing & Selective Underbrush Removal Services

Whether its clearing overgrown underbrush near your business, or clearing an undeveloped lot of land our team is here to turn your vision into a reality. From cleaning up golf courses to trees throughout business parks, our team strives to leave your property looking better and healthier than before we found it. Click here for more information on how we can transform your property!

Our tree trimming service near Houston should be included as a part of your tree care program. Routine tree trimming enhances the structural integrity, health, and beauty of your tree, which could help maintain your property value! To find out how you could benefit from our tree trimming services, please click for more information.

When it comes to emergency storm damage clean up, our crews provide the Houston area communities with expertise and preparedness that is unrivaled by our competitors. Equipped with the proper gear, our storm damage clean up team specialize in dangerous tree cutting and emergency tree removal services! Find out how we can help you clean up after a storm.

Cleaning up the property around your business after a major storm can be a daunting tasks, on top of the typical day-to-day operations. Let our team of skilled professionals assist you in cleaning up and further mitigate damage caused by tree limbs, branches, or trunks that may have fallen in the storm. Find out how we can help your business return to day-to-day activities with our emergency storm damage tree service.

Aquatic Tree Management & Tree Removal Services

From removing trees on your property for a private pond or helping keep the natural drainage line clear of fallen debris, our team is ready to assist you in helping maintain your property through our aquatic tree management and aquatic tree removal services! When it comes to specialty needs, its important to choose a service provider with the right tools and expertise to safely remove your trees. Check here for more information on how our aquatic tree removal services could help transform your commercial or investment property!

Professional Tree Trimming Service In Houston

Local Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Services

Professional Tree Services In Houston, TX

Perfectly Trimmed Palms of Houston offers residential & commercial clients throughout the Houston & greater Harris County access to a reliable local tree service professional. We take pride in offering our customers access to a professional tree trimming service in Houston, at an affordable rate. Our team ensures that each customer enjoys our hassle-free services for all their tree trimming, tree removal, hedge or shrub pruning, as well as their palm tree trimming needs!

Residential Tree Care & Tree Trimming Services Near Houston

Many home and business owners trust Perfectly Trimmed Palms for all their tree care needs near the local Houston and surrounding communities. The trained specialist of our tree care team understands the requirements and risks associated with each type of tree service job, from routine trimming and preventative maintenance to storm cleanup after a severe storm. We are here to help you maintain a safe ecosystem around your home!

For more information on how our Tree Care & Tree Trimming Services can help keep your property looking it's best, while maintaining the health and integrity of the trees, please click here.

Commercial Tree Care & Tree Trimming Service In Houston

We understand the importance and lasting impacts of first impressions generated by curbside appeal in Houston’s highly competitive business environment. A properly maintained commercial establishment, complete with a routine tree trimming service, is a reflection of the professionalism and quality of the establishment recognized by both tenants, their customer bases, and surrounding community members!

Treat your commercial property like an investment today by reserving your commercial tree care service! For more information on maintaining the beauty, health, and safety of the trees throughout your commercial property, please continue below.

Best Tree Service Company In Houston, TX

Perfectly Trimmed Palms of Houston takes pride in helping our customers maintain or restore the safety, health, and overall beauty of the trees throughout their property. Our team will consult with you based on the unique requirements of each tree; identifying the scope, processes utilized, and necessary equipment. Thus ensuring that we help you maintain your properties curbside appeal, while safely providing you with the tree care you deserve. Be sure to contact us today when looking for any of the services below:

  • Palm Tree Pruning & Maintenance
  • Tree Trimming & Routine Maintenance
  • Emergency Storm Clean Up & Removal
  • Tree Removal Service
  • Lot/Land Clearing & Selective Underbrushing Service
  • Aquatic Tree Management

As a locally owned and operated professional tree service company, our top priority is always employee safety, mitigating property damage, and helping our customers maintain their property values!

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If you're in need of a reliable and professional tree trimming service in Houston, TX, look no further than Perfectly Trimmed Palms. Our arborists are committed to providing quality tree care that many other local homeowners and businesses trust.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with excellent customer service. Which is why we have made our tree service process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Our customers have come to trust our comprehensive tree care, pleasing many customers in the following areas:

So when looking for a tree trimming service in Houston, TX, look no further than our team. Contact us today to schedule your free tree service consultation, and experience why so many others near you have chosen us for all their tree trimming needs.