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Dangerous Tree Limb Removal Specialists

Houston's Top-Rated Hazardous Tree Removal Service

Safely Remove Dangerous Tree Limbs From Your Property 

Have you noticed any dead, damaged, or broken tree limbs in your treetop canopy? These types of branches create potentially dangerous areas below. Falling branches commonly cause property damage or even injury, that might could have been avoided with timely removal. 

Once a tree branch or limb has been damaged it is important to promptly have the limb removed to prevent property damaged. Our team is ready to help you return the overall health of the tree and safety of the surrounding areas through our tree limb removal service. 

Whether you need our tree limb removal service at your home or business, our team is here to help you remove the damaged, broken, downed, or fallen limbs in a timely manner. A member of our team will consult with you on the necessary processes and equipment to be utilized to safely remove your dangerous tree limbs without causing damage to the surrounding areas. 

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Our Hazardous Tree Limb Removal Process

Each dangerous tree limb removal service is unique in its requirements and execution processes. However, one thing that is consistent is the approach and response received once Perfectly Trimmed Palms has been contacted for your tree limb removal service. A member of our team will visit location to view the damaged or broken limbs to assess the required equipment to safely remove the limbs. While on-site we will consult with you on the execution process, as well as any additional recommend tree trimming to further prevent future limb damage. The costs associated with each hazardous limb removal service varies based on each situation; below are a few of the factors considered for each tree removal service:

  • Relative Location of Damaged Tree Limb(s)
  • Size of Tree Limb(s)
  • Equipment Required for Safe Removal
  • Any Additionally Recommended Preventative Trimming
  • Safety & Associated Risks
  • Time & Crew Members Required

As a locally owned and operated tree service professional, our top priority is always employee safety, mitigating property damage, and helping our customers maintain healthy & beautiful trees throughout their landscape! 

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Dangers of Dead, Damaged, or Broken Tree Limbs

Dead, damaged, broken, and hanging limbs commonly can lead to more than just a few sticks to pick up each week between visits from the lawn crew. Depending on the size of the branches overhead that are past due on their routine trimming, falling branches could easily damage property around your home or business. 

It doesn't always take a strong thunderstorm or high-winds to damage trees that are currently suffering from damaged, broken, or dead and decaying branches. These trees commonly fall under their own weight without much warning, as their damage has caused their structural integrity to fail. Cracks resulting from broken or damaged areas are particularly dangerous as they are commonly indicative of hazardous tree limbs and sometimes the tree in its entirety. 

If you've noticed more dead sticks and branches around your home or business property, it's a good sign that you're in need of tree trimming to remove dead and damaged limbs from the canopy overhead. Give us a call today to return the safety of the areas surrounding your tree-top canopy!