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Properly Maintaining Your Trees 

Tree trimming service should be part of everyones routine tree care programs. Regularly trimming trees around your home or business helps maintain the health of the tree, integrity and longevity of structural branches, and safety of the spaces below the canopy. 

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Houston Professional Tree Trimming Service

At Perfectly Trimmed Palms of Houston, we pride ourselves in helping our customers maintain a beautiful tree-top canopy through our tree trimming services. Whether it's a routine maintenance trim or a dangerous tree limb removal, our team will help guide you through all of your tree care needs! Be sure to contact us today when looking for any of our other tree trimming services below:

  • Tree Trimming Service
  • Tree Limb Removal
  • Dangerous Limb Removal
  • Tree Removal
  • Storm Damage Cleanup

As a locally owned and operated tree trimming professional, our top priority is always employee safety, mitigating property damage, and helping our customers maintain healthy & beautiful trees throughout their landscape! 

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Best Time To Trim Your Trees

Although the climate near Houston has the right combination of moisture and warm temperatures to support tree trimming throughout the year, we typically recommend trimming your trees during the late winter. Routine trimming during this time can have many benefits to the tree, as it removes unhealthy growth from previous year and stimulates new growth in the spring.

When determining if it's time for your annual tree trimming service, here are a few things to look for:

  • Unsightly or potentially dangerous branches
  • Low hanging or branches that sag due to weight
  • Downward growing branches

With major trimming and removal services are often not needed, a routine trimming of the trees branches can help promote new healthy growth. Some species of trees even thrive after removal of the previous year's sucklings that grew up on the interior branch structures, as these can cause nutrient strain and unhealthy weight distribution.